All Charities Raffle

All Charities Raffle is a way for area groups to raise money for themselves. The Foundation board of directors assembles great prizes and prints the tickets. Your nonprofit sells the tickets for $10 each and earns $8.50 for each ticket sold. The remaining $1.50 goes back to the Foundation to cover costs and help build

About Us

The West Sacramento Foundation has been helping local nonprofits become stronger and do more to improve the quality of life for children, teens, adults, and senior citizens. Donations from individuals and businesses augment funds raised at events to create a grant pool. The all-volunteer board of the WSF annually awards grants from $150 to $2,000 to help local organizations

The Grant Program

The West Sacramento Foundation is a California non-profit public benefit corporation formed in 1988 to conduct fund-raising activities for the benefit of nonprofit organizations in West Sacramento. ​ 2020 grant applications are closed and awardees will be contacted by phone or email.  ​ The West Sacramento Foundation provides grants to registered 501(c)3 organizations that directly

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